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Fire Damage Restoration Services

If your home has been damaged by fire or smoke, you need help from an experienced fire restoration company, and you need it now. Just attempting to navigate through all the info regarding homeowner’s insurance, what is covered, what might be money out of your pocket, and so on, can be a daunting task. Add to that the stress you are feeling with the loss of your home or business, and you may not know which way to turn.

Fire and water damage restoration companies are plentiful, but do you know what to look for in an experienced fire damage restoration company? The one thing you want is to have everything back to the way it once was, and we can help you through this difficult time.

Things to Look for When Hiring a Fire Damage Restoration Company

If a company cannot be straight forward with you initially, walk away. Our company prides itself on our professional staff and expert teams who will go to work for you and your family or business. Our fire and smoke damage restoration contractors are some of the best in the industry.

Our Fire and Smoke
Restoration Services

As a licensed fire, water, and smoke restoration company, we offer you a 24-hour hotline. Call us immediately when there is trouble, and we will be with you to start the
restoration process.

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Restoration Services

Fire Restoration and
Smoke Odor Removal

Turn to us when you need fire and smoke restoration. Once a fire has been put out, depending on the degree of damage, it could be many months before things are put right again. From a homeowner’s initial evaluation, you might be thinking things do not look so bad.

To the trained eye, however, there is a lot more to fire and smoke restoration than meets the eye. Areas all around your home or business have been affected by smoke and water damage; surfaces and ventilation systems are all affected by smoke or water, and there is that odor that will not go away on its own.

Why Odor Removal
is Important

A residual odor from a fire is among the issues that often plague homeowners or business owners. Fire and water damage will always leave an unwanted odor behind. There is often a mustiness to the air, which must be eliminated.

Often, without you even knowing it, carpets can give off odors that make the air in your home or business smell stale. Completely removing all unwanted odors is not an easy job. That is why you must leave it to the odor removal specialists. Being a carpet odor remover is just as important as all the other services we provide for you to be whole again. We also know how pet odor removal is done efficiently and effectively. So, if your furry friends are adding to your odor problems, we can help there too.

Fire Damage Restoration

The Initial Inspection

Our fire and water restoration contractors are IICRC certified in fire and smoke restoration and will begin working immediately. They will perform a crucial initial inspection which will include:

Once the inspection is complete, we ensure that no further damage can be caused from the fire. Contents are removed if possible, and a plan of action is created as our fire and smoke damage restoration team goes to work for you.

The Fire Damage Cleaning Process

Depending on the extent of the fire, our team will conduct content cleaning on or off-site. Many times, contents must be moved out of the home and, in this case, we provide a safe haven for everything that can be salvaged. Once thoroughly cleaned, all contents can then be returned to your home or business.

If your home or business needs to be restored, or sections need to be reconstructed, we are a part of that process too. We know how devastating a fire can be, and every home or business we undertake is treated as if it was one of our own.

Our fire restoration services follow a protocol that has proven to be very effective. High priority items are cleaned first, and then lower-priority items. Everything we do is documented so you know where your home or business’s contents are.

We will also provide you with a list of items that cannot be restored for insurance purposes. We will also assist you in the insurance process if you need help. Once all items have been cleaned and odor removal is finished, all items are once again restored to your home or business.

Let Our Fire Restoration
Contractors Help You

Being displaced from your home or business is a stress none of us want. In addition to the physical losses, there are emotional and financial costs to be faced every day. You can be left with many questions such as, how long will the cleanup take, when will it be safe to return home, will my insurance cover everything, and how does this process work?

We understand these questions and the stress they cause, and we know that finding the right fire restoration company is the last thing you want to spend time researching. We are your fire, water, and smoke restoration experts, so let us go to work for you. If your home or business has suffered fire damage, give us a call today

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair